Armstrong Capital Advisory: Building Customer Relationships based on Trust and Integrity

Manju Mastakar,DirectorH.L. Mencken once wrote, "It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest that holds human association together." For financial advisors, Mencken's words have never sounded more relevant than ever before. To maintain a successful relationship with the customers, trust is one of the most essential aspects. However, today the meaning of trust is changing dramatically.

Customers are facing trouble due to frequent changes in investment managers, portfolio strategies and every finance manager they come across as an advisor would sell a product and move on. With most financial organizations focused on getting big buck quickly, selling insurances or structured products; it is the customer that is left cheated in most cases. The need of the hour is to build up the customer relationships, understand their needs and then offer solutions that add value to the customers' investments.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Armstrong Capital Advisory Pvt Ltd is a close knit boutique investment
management firm, focussed on establishing and maintaining fruitful and long term relationships with clients. The basic motive behind starting Armstrong and continuing it was the way wealth management was dealt in the back-end. When all the organizations aimed on making money and selling products, it was Armstrong that stayed focused building relationships on trust and integrity.

With its client-centric approach and experienced team, the company has recorded an exponential growth since its inception. Armstrong has been rewarded by DHFL and Shriram Transport for its exceptional performance; in 2016, the company received award from Birla Mutual fund for contribution to the highest SIP's in Bangalore and Tata Mutual fund also awarded Armstrong for commendable business contributions.

Armstrong is focused on providing customers with unparalleled financial advisory service and fostering long term relationship with customers, based on trust and integrity

Highly acknowledged for walking the talk with its customers, Armstrong Capital believes that performance comes out of passion and not pressure. Thus, in a nut shell, there is no product push and the company completely focuses
on the processes in the organization. Armstrong's customers are offered unique range of services such as Financial Planning, Mutual Fund Advisory, Portfolio Management Services, Wealth Management Services, Retirement Planning, Currency Hedging and Cash Flow Management.

"When we meet prospects, we look at the whole picture, all their liabilities and all the investments done till date. Later, we give them a holistic view about asset allocation, offer to help them pay out their liabilities and plan to get an annuity so that salary is not the only source of income. We set up review meetings at intervals and touch back on the plan, this makes our clients feel involved in the process of choosing the right investment plan," says Manju Mastakar, Director, Armstrong Capital Advisory.

Managing close to 60 crore AUM, today Armstrong is already giving a tough competition to other players in the field of financial advisory sector. Highlighting on the future plans of Armstrong, Manju shared, "I have a lot of plans for Armstrong. We want to expand our presence in other cities; need more feet on the ground; make people aware of financial planning; get more presence online and on social media. When we meet customers they are unaware of a profession like a Financial Advisor. Our focus for the next couple of years would be to spread awareness about this profession, provoke the habit of savings and build a legacy for our customers."