COMPAREX: Not Just Enabling Cloud, but Making You Grow With It

Navin Kapur,Managing Director,India Operations

Navin Kapur

Managing Director,India Operations

'Let's play with the technology first, and figure out what we're doing with it later' - these words echo the typical attitude of new-gen organizations enabling cloud for businesses. They show least interest in having conversations around data security and governance requirements, or core business processes that are paramount to the success of the company.

The principle of cloud computing is simple. We believe that it is about delivering IT resources as requested and only paying for that actual demand

Instead all the talk revolves around the service providers. Even the correct licensing of your software is not accurately or often too late considered. This is exactly where COMPAREX, a global Microsoft Partner comes in.

The company performs a detailed analysis to enable clients' transition into the cloud smoothly through comprehensively gauging and satisfying not only the licensing part, but all their Software Asset Management (SAM) needs - professionally, safely and effectively. Discerning the significance of making its customer feel comfortable in the Cloud, the company analyzes the client's actual needs & requirements before anything, and post fathoming the clutters, it takes on the right track to migrate into the Cloud (Public, Private and Hybrid). This 30-year experienced company leverages its knowledge about modern, integrated and dynamic IT solutions to make clients' software management and software procurement efficient, effective and easy, and manifests how heritage comes to play.

Serving public-sector, SMEs and large international corporations from 80 locations in 35 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, over the years, COMPAREX has built a legacy and comprehensive portfolio that includes more than 3,000 vendors. Today, the core competency that the company built through

its partnerships with Microsoft (Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite among others), Adobe (Creative Cloud and Document Cloud), Oracle (Oracle
Database Cloud) and Symantec (Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud and Symantec Email Security Cloud), in addition to the global legacy, has set the company way ahead of the competition.

End-to-End Cloud Care
"Getting the Cloud is not the same as growing with it. Successfully adopting the cloud is about understanding many powerful and integrated features of the platform and leveraging them to meet your business needs," asserts Navin Kapur, Managing Director, COMPAREX India. In fact, the cloud enablement process progresses in three phases - Assessment, Implementation and Management. COMPAREX performs a comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessment to build a holistic view of clients' infrastructure shortfalls and overages, and in turn comprehends the current architecture of their mission critical assets, the strength of ongoing security and cost benefits. With clear apprehension of these needs, the cloud engineers of COMPAREX implement new solution for their organization and do the processes, including account provisioning and customizations. When the platform is ready to go, the company migrates every necessary data to launch the extreme cloud experience.

"As a Microsoft-focused solution provider with over three decades of experience, we have the possession of expertise in place to frame out the ideal procurement structure to fit your organization's application and technology needs," proclaims Navin.

Once clients are successfully moved to the cloud, COMPAREX offers ongoing account management to ensure maximum return on investment by providing monthly reporting on usage, spend and compliance along with complete and 24/7 IT support. The professional support team of COMPAREX comprises of subject matter experts and dedicated consumption & adoption consultants. Furthermore, with its solution SoftCare, the organization protects clients' investment by managing the complete software lifecycle, helps reduce the risk of costly audits, ensures compliance, and maximizes all available benefits through the licensing agreement. The company also tightens device, antivirus, network and email security to ensure uninterrupted services. "The principle of cloud computing is simple. We believe that it is about delivering IT resources as requested and only paying for that actual demand," adds Navin.

Comparex offers License management solution, through its in-house build software SAM2GO. This solution provides an exhaustive licensing management solution covering all software vendors. COMPAREX's SAM solution provides comprehensive reporting on licensing usage,
adoption,including program redundancies, procurements and reconciliations. With all these data in hand, the company demonstrates through a reporting Dash Board the latest position of all Software license procured and utilized. This solution has been a great asset to global customers in maximizing their ROI on software investments.

A Strong Portfolio to Combat Future
Headquartered for Indian operations in New Delhi, COMPAREX currently operates from 11 cities in India and employs more than 2,450 people globally, of which 140 + is from India. The long run has provided the company an esteemed clientele as well, which includes Siemens, Hexaware Technologies, KPIT Technologies, The Time Group, DHL, HGS, IndusInd Bank, Birla soft, ONGC Videsh, IOCL, among many other renowned strings. The organization has taken care to maintain excellent relationship with all the leading representatives of the Indian industry and holds almost without exception, the highest certification standards. "Our portfolio includes products from all Big Software Vendors," asserts Navin. These first-class partnerships offer the company with an opportunity to provide adequate and cost effective solutions - today and tomorrow. And without leaving a query, COMPAREX will be delivering the same.

Key Management:
Navin Kapur, Managing Director, India Operations

Navin is responsible for managing the business of the company and looks after business development, new business initiatives, planning & strategizing, operation, HR, and all other related matters.

Wilfried Pruschak, Global CEO
Wilfried was appointed as Global CEO of the company in 2014 based out of Vienna Austria. He is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company's long term strategy with innovation and fast track proven implementation. He is driving the vision and mission of Comparex Group to achieve the desired ends.

Thomas Reich, CFO, COMPAREX Group
Thomas is working as CFO of the Group globally since 2009. He is accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company. He is able to take Comparex to the heights with his development of financial and operational strategies.

Sisombat Sebastien, EVP - Asia
Sisombat had been appointed as EVP - Asia in November, 2015. He has ample amount of understanding and knowledge of the market and Comparex is expanding largely in Asia under his guidance and concrete efforts