Fastlane: Transforming India's Digital landscape through Cutting-Edge Networking Solutions

Vijay R Ranganathan,Director&CEODigital revolution has radically changed the way societies operate and interact with each other.

Fastlane provides end-to-end solutions in optical fibre networks, cloud enabled data center services, Wi-Fi, and GIS

With Government's focus on Digitalisation schemes such as Digital India, Make in India, Start-up India and innovative applications of Aadhaar Card such as JAM and Digital locker, the internet user base in India is expected to double within next couple of years. However, India needs to make broadband internet access more accessible and affordable to strengthen the basic foundation of digital economy.

In 2015, when Andhra Pradesh, launched the AP Fibernet Project to provide low cost broadband internet households and workplaces, other states also began their quest for an advanced solution to provide triple play solutions to their citizens. Fastlane Information Technologies, backed by a team of seasoned technocrats, took up the responsibility to provide a highly resilient design for an advanced Fibergrid, capable of providing voice, video and data over a statewide network. The company designed, commissioned, and through its partners, deployed a state wide optical fiber network with a capacity of 1.3 Tbps, using advanced technologies such as MPLS, DWDM, IPTV etc.

The aerial network stretches across approximately 23,000 kilometers, over 3.75 lakh electricity poles, using 75+DWDMs, 1000+ enterprise routers, and 2500 Optical Line Terminals (OLTs), covering the state of Andhra Pradesh, with the ability to reach 1.1 crore households, through ?2500 points of presence. The entire project was executed within a stringent timeline of nine months. The company not only delivered world's most inexpensive internet as a part of Fiber Grid project but also set a model for similar networks in other states.

Design to Deployment Services
Fastlane provides end-to-end
solutions in optical fibre networks, cloud enabled data center services, Wi-Fi, and GIS. The company is a leader in Fast Fiber core services and offers full package of design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance services, to governments, enterprises and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Fastlane offers enterprise WAN services, video conference services, enterprise layer3 VPN services, and layer 2 VPN services. The company is very proficient in deploying cloud enabled infrastructures including Amazon AWS, IBM Soft layer, Microsoft Azure for public clouds.

Fastlane offers centralised management solutions for city-wide Wi-Fi, campus Wi-Fi and multi-storey building Wi-Fi deployments. Their team of highly skilled personnel are experts in implementing IEEE 802.11 standard high density Wi-Fi networks for places like stadiums, theatres, railway stations and other wide area networks. The company perceives a huge market opportunity in open Wi-Fi deployment across India, both in the Government and Private sectors, and has developed an optimized enterprise class Wi-Fi solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor deployment.

Fastlane is also focused on Mobility solutions, which focuses on Android/iOS and GPS based mobile applications including work force management, task managements and Dashboard monitoring features. The company is also an authorised reseller and integrated partner of leading OEMs including Cisco, HP, Aruba, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, LeGrand and several leading firms. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for its Quality Management System, and ISO 27001:2008 Certified for Information Security Management services, Fastlane as a SME business specialist has proven its ability to provide sophisticated, value-added Cisco solutions through its in-depth sales capabilities, technology skills and service offerings.

Sprinting Forward
Fastlane's revenues for the half year ended September 2016, grew 183 percent over the previous financial year's revenue, and it expects its full year revenues for FY2017 to be about 250 percent of its previous year's revenues.

Fastlane operates out of four offices in Hyderabad, Guntur, Bengaluru and Vishakapatnam, currently employing 40 people across India and expects to grow to 100 personnel by the end of 2017.The company creates a motivating work environment to develop sense of pride among employees and provides competitive
benefits, rewards and recognitions at frequent intervals.
The company develops a thorough in-depth training programme for minimizing the effect of change in an organization and to keep employees updated with latest technologies and trends. Fastlane is growing rapidly in Networking and mobility realms and aims to be the leading player in Indian Sub-Continent to provide next generation solutions in Networking, IoT (Internet of things), Cloud Security, Smart City Networks, Mobility and Artificial Intelligence areas.

Management Team:

Vijay R Ranganatan, Director & CEO
Former head of IBM global sales management support, for Mid-market business, has over 18 years of industry experience in diverse sectors such as Information Technology, Venture Capital, Consulting.

Viplav Valluri, Director
He was the co-founder of Koffee Media and has expertise in areas such as Product Management, Marketing, Multi-Technology Project Design and Team Management.

Chandrasekhar V, Executive Director
Chandrasekhar has 18+ years of extensive experience in the areas of OSS Consulting, Architecture, Design & development for Telecom operators, ISPs, and Large scale WAN deployments.

Sreenivas Devalla, Director
He is former founder & CDO of Pari Networks and an expert in Big Data analytics technologies.

Srinivas Surapaneni, Technical Advisor
Srinivas holds a successful 20+ years of professional experience with extensive knowledge in systems architecture, design, analysis and implementation.

Offices:Hyderabad, Guntur, Vishakapatnam, & Bengaluru.

Industry Verticals: Mobility, Enterprise Networking, Security, Cloud, System Integration, & GIS.

Offerings: Optical fiber networks solutions, large scale free/paid Wi-Fi deployments, Cloud and Data Centre Solutions and GIS Solutions Fastlane Information Technologies Private Limited, is an Information technology provider, founded by a group of industry experts from diverse backgrounds with a vision to provide world class enterprise networking solutions, primarily for statewide FiberGrid projects aiming to provide inexpensive triple play services. The company provides cutting edge services in array of areas ranging from mobility to big data, cloud, security, GIS and undertakes projects in both public and private sectors.