Instart Logic: Disrupting the World of Application Delivery through Software Innovations

Manav Ratan Mital,CEO&FounderWeb applications being on the menu, software is consuming a staggering amount of industries, making the world increasingly digital. From the most basic errands like grocery shopping or hailing a taxi, to the most complex of tasks, software is transforming life as we know it.

Leveraging its client-cloud architecture and a globally distributed footprint of servers, Instart Logic enables its customers to deliver applications to their end users through its own delivery network

Hence, it has become imperative for organizations that derive revenue from their websites and mobile applications to offer rich, immersive, and secure experiences. Unfortunately, today most IT teams still deliver applications using out-dated architectures and mechanisms built for an era when people accessed very basic websites via landline connections. This is not enough in a mobile-first country like India where challenges such as congested and unreliable mobile networks, a diversity of devices, and large number of applications exist. Instart Logic was founded with one mission: to address these challenges in order to make websites and mobile applications faster and safer, delivering powerful user experiences.

Rich Suite of Services
Leveraging its client-cloud
architecture and a globally-distributed footprint of servers, Instart Logic enables its customers to deliver applications to their end users via Instart Logic's own delivery network. Instart Logic uses machine learning to accelerate application performance, virtualization to make applications more secure, and offers its solutions as a service with its content delivery network (CDN) serving as the foundation for its service. These solutions include: AppSpeed (a web and mobile delivery solution that accelerates performance, committing to a 20 percent improvement); AppShield (network and application security); and AppFlex (enabling agility through APIs and other self-service features). By making a simple switch from their legacy CDN to Instart Logic's application delivery solution, enterprises can provide a better user experience and earn more revenue from their digital properties. "Enterprises in the eCommerce, online media, and travel industries utilize our services to provide their users a very rich and immersive visual experience and secure browsing experience, helping drive revenue growth," explains Manav Ratan Mital, CEO, Instart Logic.

Evolving Ahead of Market Trends Founded in 2010 to originally serve the consumer gaming industry, Instart Logic soon transformed into an application delivery provider. This happened when co-founders Manav Mital and Hariharan Kolam (CTO) realised the vast potential of their technology, especially as the world was moving towards mobile device consumption. "Our initial idea was not big enough to build a long-term company. We wanted to solve a problem that is relevant not only today, but one that always matters. One can hire smart people, build amazing technologies, and execute a flawless go-to-market strategy, but the one thing that can't be changed is market dynamics. We learnt that it's crucial to align ourselves with the best possible market trends and exploit them with the best possible strategy," recalls Manav. Aligning the company's vision with
relevant market trends has certainly paid off - the company has enjoyed an average of 3x annual revenue growth and has earned
the business of 100+ enterprise customers that include several Fortune 100 enterprises.

Survival of the Fittest
Instart Logic is very proud of the talented workforce it has attracted. The company is committed to employing and nurturing high-caliber individuals across the company, whether in its R&D, engineering, or sales teams. Instart Logic follows a stringent interview process, with hopes to employ intelligent, motivated, and committed individuals with the ability to adapt - not just as an individual, but as a group. "Over the years, we've made numerous small adjustments when better market data, customer feedback, and technologies presented themselves. Hence, we seek people who are very candid, willing to listen, and egoless," reveals Manav.

Key Management:
Manav Ratan Mital, CEO & Founder
This IIT alumni leverages the vast experience he gained during his tenure at Aster Data and Yahoo!'s web research team to steer Instart Logic towards success.

Offices: California (headquarters), Bangalore, New York, Boston, Portland & London.

Clients: The Washington Post, Office Depot, and Yellow Pages, to name a few.

Case Study:
A billion-dollar luxury retailer based in New York City with retail stores worldwide wanted to establish their dominance in the online world. Since their existing CDN was causing slow website performance, they investigated and eventually selected Instart Logic as their new application delivery provider. The result: Instart Logic was able to reduce load times by an average of two seconds across the entire website. This performance gain translated to very large monetary gains for the retailer in the millions of the dollars.