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Dr.Ron Black,President&CEO

Dr.Ron Black


Any data saved digital always has hackers as one of its biggest concerns. To mix the space with even more complexity, the surge of the IT arena has also brought hardware device hacking as one of its side-effects.

The Rambus Ecebs end-to-end smart ticketing solutions integrates with existing smart systems & suppliers and can be implemented in nearly any transport scenario

The IoT, though having achieved celebrity status in its infancy, significantly increases the number of security risks faced by businesses and their customers. Today, any endpoint connecting to the internet has the possibility of being hacked. Already, hackers have found ways to breach everything from smart cars to home monitoring systems. At this point in time, when attackers are trying to conquer the corporate world by reaching out to the concealed data bases and hardware, Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBS with a market capital of $1.55 billion), a 25-year old technology company that has seen hacking paradigms from the very first hacking case reported, becomes an eradicator of breaches by leveraging its experience.

Rambus was brought together by two computer science professors in 1990 in order to redeem the semiconductor industry from one its core problems of that time - fast microprocessor but slow memory interfaces. As the team invented an effective computing architecture to improve the speed of memory interfaces, the company brought its designs to the market by licensing the designs. With many other licensed technology
inventions (such as RDRAM) thereafter, Rambus pressed the footprint further and eventually went public in 1997.

The Hardware Shield
Maintaining of its technology leadership position by developing innovations and providing products on memory and interfaces, Rambus today also ensures security for its customers by continually innovating, predominantly in three key areas - Differential Power Analysis (DPA) Countermeasures, Mobile Payments and Smart Ticketing. The Rambus DPA solution is the specific security technology that protects hardware devices from being hacked. DPA Resistant Cores, comprised of a family of cryptographic cores and software libraries, prevents side-channel attacks by blocking the tracing the variation in oscillations produced by electromagnetic radiation of devices around the power supply. "This hardware security approach has been very important in smart cards," reminisces Dr. Ron Black, President and CEO, Rambus.

Europe's most demanded Payment Solution
With the recent acquisitions of Bell ID, Rambus has adopted and is expanding upon its mobile payment solution which is powered by three technologies - Host Card Emulation (HCE), Token Service Provider (TSP) and Token Gateway. Increasing flexibility and reducing the cost of implementation by eliminating a discrete Secure Element (SE), the Rambus Bell ID HCE technology provisions a payment card on mobile device by leveraging cloud-based software and the mobile operating system. As well, the Rambus Bell ID TSP is a modular platform that combines tokenization with HCE to enable payment issuers and processors to perform a wide variety of roles in the payment process. The third pillar, the Rambus Bell ID Token Gateway provides a single, easy-to-use interface to connect to tokenization services from the various payment schemes available in the mobile payment industry. "Perceiving the security it provides, our mobile payment solution is highly valued by banks to process online payments," proclaims Dr.Ron.

Rambus also recently acquired a smart transport organization, Ecebs. Suitable for multi-modal
transport solutions including rail, bus and ferry, the Rambus Ecebs end-to-end smart ticketing solutions integrates with existing smart systems and suppliers and can be implemented in nearly any transport scenario. The smart ticketing solution consists of a Remote Ticket Download (RTD), Host Operator or Processing System (HOPS), Card Management System (CMS), Smart Ticket Checker App and supporting smart cards. Rambus further augments its security solutions with its CryptoMedia Content Security Platform, CryptoManager Security Platform and CryptoFirewall Cores. In fact, when it comes to the practical aspect, the Rambus CryptoMedia solution currently helps DishTV by protecting against the unauthorized access of high-value content, and, in turn, helps with the cost reduction by eliminating the need for a smart card. The company is also focusing creating solutions that secure IoT access points with a promise to provide an extra edge of security.

India Expansion
"One of the things I am most proud of Rambus is our team's thirst for innovations. Our teams solve very hard problems in very innovative ways," adds Dr.Ron. The Rambus team consists of roughly 800 employees worldwide and has played a vital role in creating solutions for industry-leading partners. While planning the future road map, along with the plans to build upon its product portfolio, Rambus foresees India as a big market opportunity. As the Indian government moves to promote smart cities and going cashless, Rambus is well poised to tap into the market opportunities. Operating from the heart of Bangalore, Rambus is one of the few companies that industrialists predict to have a significant participation in these upcoming 'transform India' projects.

Key Management:
Dr.Ron Black, President & CEO
Joining the organization in mid-2012, Dr.Ron has fostered a more open and collaborative environment at Rambus leveraging his 20+ years of experience in managing businesses and running companies in global semiconductor and mobile markets.
Offices:U.S. (Headquarter), Netherlands, India (Bangalore), Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Canada, China, France & UK.